Welcome to the Mountifield Home Page!

This site has been created by brother and sister Tony and Anne Mountifield to bring together the Mountifield family on the Internet.

Anne has been researching our family tree for over 30 years, and Tony became involved in the late 1990s using the Internet to find more family members worldwide. So far, we have found family members from many places around the world - England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada!

This site is still under construction, but so far you will find:

If you are a Mountifield, or are related to the Mountifield family, and have not been in contact with us, please email us both using the special address family@mountifield.org! Browse through our on-line Family Tree and tell us where you fit into the family (note that date details are suppressed for individuals believed to be still living).

Please try out our map-based Guestbook, as we build up a picture of where in the world all our family connections are.

For family members: if you would like an email address of the form yourname@mountifield.org please email Tony. It can be set up either to forward mail to your usual email address, or as a separate mailbox on mail.mountifield.org.

Last modified 17 May, 2010, Tony Mountifield